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Gora, Miyagino Area

Gora, Miyagino

About This Area

Gora, which is located at the center of Hakone, is known for its relatively new hot spring, established around the same time the Hakone Tozan Railway was opened in 1919. Before then, the area flourished as a villa district for the bourgeois classes, and a lot of remains from this era are still preserved here. Many hot springs have been found here since 1952. "Gora Natsu Matsuri Daimonjiyaki" (Gora Summer and Daimonjiyaki Festival) is held on the 16th of August every year at Gora Onsen. A big summer event, during the Japanese character "dai" (大) is burnt into the hillside of Mt. Myojogatake, and the fire lights up the evening sky. The outline of the character "dai" stands out beautifully on the hillside when snow falls in winter.

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