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Kakutaya.Co.Lit Hakonetozan Railroad Near Gora Station

TEL 0460-82-2476
FAX 0460-82-2477
Address 1300 Goura Hakone-machi Asagarasimo-gun Kanagawa-pref.
Parking available
Business Hours AM9:00~PM5:00
Regular Holiday Wednesday

 Teri-Furi doll 

A woman doll comes out from a hut a fine day. And a man doll comes out from a hut a rainy day.
A rainy day, a rain doll comes out out of a hut early rather than it rains. You may become a notice good for putting the washing in order.

Karakuri Trick Box

It is the world of a very wonderful trick. Please sufficiently give skilled.


The Himitu-bako to perfection as they are found today. To open the box, each box must be rotated, turned and moved a specific number of times(steps). Full of surprises and unique ideas, boxes such as these cannot be found anywhere else in Himitu-bako is a name given to small box made by combining puzzle-mechanism with cabinetwork technique. These boxes first appeared in the Edo-era, when the principle of trick-mechanism was first developed. The technique was perfected in the middle of the Meiji era, and since then, continuous improvements have been made to complete the world.

Hakone [Kotohoginoki]


Credit Card All the cards can be used.
Access In front of Hakone Tozan Railroad "Gora Station"