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Hakone Yuryo Forested Hot Springs. Natural Meals.

TEL +81-460-85-8411
FAX +81-460-85-8412
Address 4 Tounosawa Hakone-machi Ashigara-simo-gun
Parking Available
Business Hours Weekdays from 10:00 to 21:00 (as for the last entrance 20:00) Saturdays and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00 (as for the last entrance 21:00)
Regular Holiday Always without holiday (irregular maintenance)

Private Outdoor Hot Springs Available

Enjoy the well decorated private settings and the surrounding views of the lucious forest. There are bathes of stone, lava rock, and wood to enjoy the skin smoothing qualities of the alkaline hot spring water. Individual rooms are air conditioned with tables and chairs for your private relaxation. Relax on your own, as a couple, or with the family while enjoying your private hot spring.Recommended for those looking for a private hot spring experience.

Yurakuan, Large Communal Baths

Upon arriving at Hakone Yuryo, the large building on the right houses the large communal baths, a rest area, and gift shop.The bathing areas are separated for men and women. The relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by the traditional materials and design of the buildings, all in an effort to create a relaxing experience. The alkaline Hot Spring water smoothes the skin and is also used by the neighboring Hanare Kaden. The outdoor bathes allow you to experience the beautifyul nature of the Hakone area as you soak and soothe your soul in the relaxing waters.

Restaurant Irori Saryo Hachiri

The Irori Restaurant gives diners the experience of having their food cooked before them in a traditional Japanese hearth. Enjoy your food after it is cooked before you over the coals in this restaurant creating the traditional style of Japanese familial cooking. The walls, water chilled vegetables, and traditional craftsmanship on display in the restaurant makes for a wonderful dining experience. Enjoy seasonal ingredients and food with all your senses at one of the 10 hearth tables, each accomodating up to 6 adults. Specialties include Japanese Grilled Beef, Seasonal Vegetables, and River Fish. For those seated at the counter a chef will prepare your order. The restaurant is open to all visitors, whether you decide to use the hot springs or not.

Spa Services and Relaxation Hogushian Yururuka

Change your clothes and come to indulge in a relaxing experience. There are wonderful options available for you. Choose from Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage, or Stretching options. We can help you choose the program best suited to your relaxation goals. Compliment your relaxing hot spring experience with a visit to the spa. Hogushian Yururuka is open to male and female guests regardless of hot spring use.


Price Adults (Junior High School and Older) ¥1500 Child (Elementary School Age) ¥750 We encourage guests with small children to use private hot springs available for rental to create a more enjoyable and memorable experience for all. (Private Outdoor Baths: One room, One hour ¥4300-¥6300)
Bathing Yurakuan Large Communal Hot Springs Women: 1 Indoor Bath, 5 Outdoor Baths (2 Stone Baths, 2 Personal Tub Baths, 1 Large Bath)
Facilities Restaurant/Souvenir Shop/Relaxation Room/Sauna
Access Access by Train
3min Free Shuttle Bus ride from Hakone Yumoto Station
 5min walk from Hakone Tozan Train Line`s Tonosawa Station
Access by Car
 10min from Hakone-Guchi Exit of the Odawara Atsugi Expressway
45min from Gotenba Exit of the Tomei Expressway
Free Parking in Available (92cars)



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