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Day Trip Hot Springs

2017/11/30 (Thu)/

Hot Springs for Day Visits

Hakone is one of the best and most popular places to enjoy hot springs in Japan. There are many wonderful hotels and ryokan with onsen to enjoy, but there are also many beautiful places to enjoy during a day trip or for those looking to get many different experiences during their time here. Hakone is known as an “Onsen Theme Park” for the variety, quality, and amount of hot spring waters flowing from the earth. Many of the ryokan and hotels in Hakone also offer use of their facilities during the mid-afternoon before most of their guests have checked in, but here is a short list of some of the most popular day use only hot springs in Hakone. Contact us directly on Facebook Messenger with any questions or comments. www.facebook.com/hakonetravel



Tenzan has a number of outdoor hotsprings in a beautiful wooded area in Hakone Yumoto. The atmosphere of bathing under the stars and among the lush nature of Hakone is a special experience. The well apointed architecture and surroundings make this an unforgettable place to visit. There are a number of outdoor bathes and small Japanese style sauna to enjoy. Tenzan also has places to enjoy a light meal private onsen rooms for rent. Tatoos are often not allowed in most bathing places, but if you are not a part of a large tatooed group you can enjoy these facilities with a bit of ink. The “B” bus in front of Yumoto Station leaves every 30 minutes and will take you past Tenzan for only ¥100.



Yu no Sato Okada

Yu no Sato has as wonderful mountainside hot spring area with a spacious bathing area. Located in Hakone Yumoto, this is a popular option for day visitors. They use five different hot sprng sources to fill their baths. Enjoy the hot srpings, sauna, and falling water on your shoulders in a lush green outdoor mountain side area. Shuttle buses up to the Hotel Okada leave Yumoto Station every 30 minutes.




Kappa Tengoku

Overlooking Hakone Yumoto Station, Kappa is a classic bathing option with outdoor bathes and options to stay for those on a budget. The wooded atmoshpere and rustic feel of this bath are popular with many visitors. There is a foot bath outdoors for peope looking to just find a relaxing spot for a little quiet time as well. All baths are outdoors on the mountainside.




Hakone Yuryo

One of the newsest additions to the Hakone bathing options. Hakone Yuryo has a public bathing area, but is most popular for the private rooms for rent. These are often booked in advance so pla ahead. Private bathing rooms can be enjoyed alone, with your partner, or with a family. There are free shuttle buses from Yumoto Station or take the wonderful wooded walk from the Tonosawa Train Station.




Kami no Yu


A place to get a local experience. Popular with locals for the high quality of water and low price. The bath fits only 3-4 people at a time, but that is part of its charm. The locals are friendly and talkative, a wonderful overall eperience. Kami no Yu also gives you the option of using the rest area on the second floor for a small fee.




Yunnesan Mori no Yu

This is the hot spring part of the popular Yunnessan bathing park. Yunnesann is popular as a clothed bathing adventure in which you can dip into large heated pools and experience an ever rotating collection of interesting baths. Mori no Yu is located in the Yunnesan complex and has a large number of outdoor and indoor baths to choose from. There are great views of the distant Hakone moutnain range and the layout of the hot spring make it an enjoyable experience.




Hakone Te no Yu

Te no Yu is located next to the village of Miyanoshita, in the small hamlet of Kiga. This is a day-use hot spring that has a number of small baths overlooking the deep valleys and rugged mountains of Hakone. There is also a rest room for a small fee and lunch options for those looking to spend some time enjoying the waters.





This is a relativly new addition to the Hakone hotel/ryokan community. They have a wonderful rooftop hotspring facility that surrounds you in lush mountain foliage all year. It is wonderful to experience at night and the cool evening air feels great after enjoying the attached sauna. There are also massage and esthetic packages available for those looking to find the ultimate relaxation.



Hot Spring water directly form Hakone`s oldest onsen source. This hot spring has a low alkaline content that leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed, a popular option for women visiting Hakone. Enjoy one of the six bathing areas carved from the surrounding rocks, as well as outdoor baths and jacuzzi. There are a number of facilities and services available. Relaxation room, Massage Chairs, Private rroms for short term rental, and massage services. A five minute walk up the hill from Hakone-Yumoto Station.



Yajikita no Yu


Just a short walk from Hakone Yumoto Station is the riverside Yajikita Hot Spring Hotel. Relax and Refresh and take your time enjoying the 6 types of hot spring baths available. There are a number of onsen to try on your visit; Indoor Hot Spring, Outdoor Hot Spring, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Sauna, and even a Cold Spring Bath. Take your time and enjoy all the baths at your own pace.