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Discover Lake Ashi

2017/08/03 (Thu)/ Discover

The shores of Lake Ashi have something for everyone. Enjoy the cool lake breeze as you explore history, culture, and the nature of the area. The lake itself is was formed in the dormant crater of a volcano thousands of years ago. The lake is said to be the home of a nine-headed dragon that lives at the bottom of the lake, Kuzuryu. Around the lake are outdoor activities, shrines, and museums to enjoy during your visit to the Hakone area. For more details to any of the activities listed below, please contact our Facebook page and connect with us via FB Messenger.


Hakone Shrine

Founded over 1200 years ago by the Buddist priest Mangan, this shrine has been a pilgrimage site for samurai, shogun, and travellers for centuries. The foundation myth of the Hakone Shrine is not clear, but involves a story of the surrounding shrines and the dragon that lives at the bottom of the lake. This is one of Hakone`s most visited and spiritually powerful spots. Powerful men and women have paid their respects at the shrine for ages.

Outdoor Sports

Hakone is a beautiful area surrounded by nature. There are many opportunities to get out and immerse yourself in the green and fresh air of the area. SUP (stand up paddle boarding) and kayak rentals are available for you to explore some of the more intimate places of Hakone. Instructors teach and guide you around the western part of the lake.


Our exploration of Hakone`s nature continues with the introduction of a number of hiking trails in the area. There is a moderate course that circles the lake. The Eastern side of the lake has hotels, ports, and places to rest. The western side is more deep nature with few and infrequent places to stop. Make sure you bring your water and sense of adventure.


Hakone si popular for families and a great break from the temples and shrines is the Hakone Aquarium. Enjoyable and compact, it is a perfect short option for the kids. Learn about the freshwater fish of the world and the local species in the area. There are seals, turtles, and otters to enjoy. The Hakone Aquarium is at Hakone-en, a small complex located next to the Hakone Prince Hotel.


Hakone is famous for nature and the abundant high quality museums in the area. Over looking the shores of Lake Ashi is the Narukawa Art Museum in Moto-Hakone. It is dedicated to Japanese Art. Come enjoy the impressionist inspired Japanese works from popular artists in Japan. The museum is well laid out and gives you stunning views of the lake with Mt. Fuji in the background.

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