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Hakone for Kids and Families

2017/07/06 (Thu)/ Helpful Info


Hakone for Families and Kids

Hakone is a place to enjoy for all members of the family. The nature, activities, and places to enjoy can keep everyone entertained and engaged no matter what the age. Today we take some time to discuss some of the wonderful spots for the younger members of families travelling in Japan.

When travelling in Japan with kids it is important to pace yourself. Hakone is a great place for kids who enjoy the outdoors and a bit of nature. Here are some great places and activities for parents to consider while visiting Hakone.

Lake Ashi: Lake Ashi is the centerpiece of Hakone. It is surrounded by nature and gives wonderful views of Mt. Fuji. Kids enjoy riding the ropeway down from the steaming vents of Owakudani to Togendai to ride the pirate ship. Some may think it is out of place, but the pirate ship is explorable and gives the kids a chance to walk around and immerse themselves in a story.


Yunessan: This is one of the largest and most popular attractions in Hakone. Sometimes called an “Onsen Themepark” Yunessan offers different baths, hot springs, swimmong pools, and waterslides to enjoy. Put on your bathing suit to enjoy seasonal and fun bathes like; a coffee bath, ice cream bath, wine bath, green tea bath, and other fun themes that change throughout the year. Learn More

Hakone Outdoor Museum: The Hakone Outdorr Museum is a place for kids to get out and enjoy at their own pace. Museums are often a challnge for parents with kids, but the open spaces and winding paths are fun for the kids and interspersed with interesting artwork for the parents along the way.

Hakone Festivals: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring are all times when festivals are held in the Hakone area. Festivals often celebrate unique community traits or national holidays. Festivals in Hakone sometimes have fireworks, often have great food, and even have games and toy booths for the kids to enjoy sometimes. Contact us when you visit and we can give youthe most up to date information.

Hakone Aquarium: Located on the shores of Lake Ashi is this small and impressive aquarium. The Haone-en complex is located next to the Prince Hotel and offers kids a chance to get close to fish, seals, and more. Stroll the exhinits at your own pace and let the little owns be amazed by all the wonderful and interesting fish on display.


Mountain Biking and Tree Swinging: For families with a bit of love for the outdoors there are mountain bike rentals and guides availale in the highlands of Sengokuhara. The Mountian Ripper Mountain Bike Tours have routes of varying challenge and trails that kids in early elementary school and up can handle. In the Hakone Yumoto area you can enjoy swinging through the trees with Forest Adventure Activities. 

Eating Ice Cream and Sweets: What kid doesn`t like ice cream and cake? The compact and easily explorable Hakone-Yumoto area gives visitors a chance to walk around and enjoy some tasty treats. The small shops give everyone a culinary adventure that includes; hot spring sweet bean cakes, black sesame seed ice cream, honey snacks, a traditional vintage toy store and more.


We hope this short list helps make a visit to Japan more enjoyable for everyone. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime.