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2017/06/29 (Thu)/ Experience


Summer Matsuri Festivals in Hakone


Summer is Festival time in the Hakone area. The “matsuri” is a loved a revered part of Japanese culture and celebration. The Hakone mountains give visitors cools breezes and cooler temperatures. The Hakone mountains have been a cool option from the sweltering and humid Tokyo summers. Hakone`s long history and deep cultural roots are the foundation and origin of many of the fun and interesting summer festival options. The “Matsuri” is a great opportunity to experience and enrich your visit to Japan. Try to time your arrival with one of these great events!


ASHINOKO MATSURI WEEK July 31st to August 5th Moto-Hakone

Long ago a nine headed dragon lived at the bottom of Lake Ashi and terrorized the lakeshore villages. A monk tamed the beast and it now serves as the protector of residents, travellers, and visitors to the area.


The Kosuisai Festival and week of celebrations is a continuation of this long tradition and has become one of Hakone`s largest festivities. Held on the shores of Lake Ashi, in Moto-Hakone, there are foodstalls, music, traditional Japanese arts, and finishes with an impressive fire works display.

This is just one day of a weeklong event held along the shores. There are fireworks everynight and culminates with the “Burning Shrine Gates” in front of Hakone Shrine.



DAIMONJIYAKI August 18th Gora

In summer the Japanese celebrate Obon, a time when it is believed the spirits of dead ancestors come to visit. It is a time to celebrate life, visit the family grave, and enjoy the company of family and friends. On the mountainside of Daimonji Mountain hundreds of men light large towers of straw in the form of . This is meant to help guide the spirits back to the afterlife.


The impressive and immense acitivity can be viewed from Gora, with live music acts, food stalls, and a well timed fireworks display. This is an impressive and memorable experience and highlight of the summer in Hakone.






Get local with this enjoyable matsuri ending the summer festival season. Located on the banks of the Hayakawa River in front of Hakone-Yumoto station.



This small event`s appeal is that it is an event put on by locals in appreciation and celebration for the people who visit this wonderful mountain town. The Summer Festival has music, geisha, food, and lots for the kids to enjoy.




Visiting a festival can be a wonderful experience to add memories, color, and have the chance to taste some distinctly “Japanese” festival food. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to connect with us on Facebook @ HakoneTravel