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Autumn Leaves
Pampas grass
Pampas grass field
Pond OTAMA / leaves changing colour

User Policy

Rights on sentences, images and other files published on "HAKONE ZENZAN" are basically reserved on HAKONEMACHI and HAKONE Tourist Association. You can use images freely published on this "Photo Gallery" as long as you keep following user policy, regardless of personal or commercial purposes.

  • Please keep images from being published without credit "photo by HAKONE ZENZAN".
  • No need notice of use, but please send the finished product to HAKONE Tourist Association.
  • Please send the URL to HAKONE Tourist Association, in case of using for Internet content.
  • We assume no responsibility of any troubles that occur using images. Please use images under a user's responsibility.
  • Sale of the origin+B32+B33:B39+B33:B40+B33:B39
  • False claims of copyright.
  • Use of the images for committing crimes, anti-social acts, and acts against public order and morals.
  • Use and register images as trademark.
  • Re-distribution of copyrighted images.

If you use the images in violation of the terms of use, then you are required to cease the use of them. Also, we accept no responsibility for any troubles between the user and the third party as a result of ceasing the use of the images.


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