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About “Hakone Ropeway” and “Owakudani Park”

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To Visitors

July 22, 2016 About

Hakone Ropewayand Owakudani Park

Almost one and half years will pass since the Owakudani had been off limit due to the volcanic alert. We would like to thank all of you who had supported us.

We have been doing our best to open the Owakudani Park by carefully checking the activity of the volcano.

We have made safety measure (measuring instrument of gas, preparation of control condition, shelter, establishing first-aid station).

Today, all of the Hakone Ropeway will restart their operation, and part of the Owakudani Park will reopen from July 26.

We will continue monitoring the volcano and do our best to prepare for visitors.

And unusual tourist attractions will open. We can watch the new crater that made by volcano.

The season of summer will come. Hakone has many events and fireworks. We hope that all the visitors have a great time in Hakone.


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about Hakone Ropeway and Owakudani Park

July 26, 2016 9 am. Open the Owakudani Park

1:Hakone Ropeway
    Togendai St. ~ Owakudani St.  the first departure is from 9 am.
     Sounzan St. ~ Owakudani St.   the first departure is from 1 pm.

2:Owakudani Park
    Owakudani three way junction  open from 9 am. 
    ※ Open 9 am ~ Close 5 pm.